Contact: zeng @ zegraph . com      Last update: 9 May 2011

Belorussian language -- an introductoin of ZeGraph in Belorussian language.

CGER METEX -- a freeware developed by the Jiye Zeng for air trajectory calculation.

Lua -- the first scripting language adopted by ZeGraph.

C-Talk -- another script language adopted by ZeGraph.

OpenGL -- the rendering engine of ZeGraph.

paintlib -- used by ZeGraph to load and save images.

Cximage -- now ZeGraph uses this library to load and save images.

libtif -- a dependent library of paintlib for TIFF image IO.

JPEG library -- a dependent library of paintlib for JPEG image IO.

libpng -- a dependent library of paintlib for PNG image IO.

zlib -- used by paintlib to compression PNG image.

SFL -- The Standard Function Library by iMatrix.

TNT -- ZeGraph uses the Template Numerical Toolkit to solve linear algebra equations.

CEPHES -- math library used by ZeGraph for statistics and special functions.

NetCDF -- an interface for array-oriented data access used by ZeGraph.

HDF -- a library for scientific data management used by ZeGraph.

GSHHS -- the place to download global coastline data.

ETOPO -- NOAA' web site for global relief data. Here is another site for ETOPO data (resulted from google search of "netCDF etopo60").

Free geo-data --has many links for GIS related data.

Virtual Terrain Project -- the earth's image used in the tutorials is from the web site. It has many links to other data resources.

Doris -- a open source Lua binding to OpenGL. If you want complete freedom and use Lua with OpenGL, Doris is an alternative.

Mesa -- a 3D graphics library with an API which is very similar to that of OpenGL.

NEHE production -- one of the best OpenGL tutorials.

MathWorld -- the best place to search math on curves, solid shapes, map projections, and etc.

Paul Bourke's home page - a lot of information about 3D graphics.