Contact: zeng @ zegraph . com      Last update: 20 January 2010

ZeGraph is a freeware designed for scientific data visualization and yet can be used to create 3D arts in a broad scope. It is small, fast, and easy to use. The core library is written in C++ for high performance. OpenGL is used as the rendering engine. Jiye Zeng developed ZeGraph as a personal library to overcome difficulties encountered in 3D data visualization in his research of environmental studies.

ZeGraph library can be linked to your C program directly. The developer has embedded ZeGraph in ZeScript. Here are some features of ZeGraph and Z-Script:

ZeScript is easy to extend. It has a powerful feature allowing redefinition of all operators for user objects, which makes it possible, for example, to handle matrix naturally like these: a[i,j]=b; c=a[i,j]; a[a>0]=0; and etc.

Now the software is being used by METEX web application server to handle SOAP and CGI requests.